***A Movie About Lucone

Lucone, a schizophrenic clochard hitting the streets of Rome try to convince everybody he is the most famous and rich person in the world. But his real struggle is surviving his addiction to alcohol and psychotropic drugs. His nephew and film-maker Andrea will come to rescue him at a crucial point, with a plan that will bring him back to stardom and health

A movie about Lucone is a documentary composed of photographs and a 54 minutes long video, which Andre D’Auria uses as a channel to tell a personal story, that is relevant to many.

The project rotates around three main topics: mental health, the perception of fame, and the relationships in a family on the edge of extinction; all three staged into a decadent Rome.

Everything starts with a need to evaluate the position of a singular mindset that creates the perception of fame, which Andrea finds and learns from his schizophrenic uncle Luca, a known clochard militating the historic centre of Rome.

Andrea starts photographing Luca as a sign of dissent, as soon as he understands that his family has abandoned Luca long before this movie began.

The story is located shortly after the death of Luigi, the old patriarch of this family. He was the only one that could have control over the eccentric and needy Luca, a 50 years old big man.

Everyone in the street knows Luca's story. Every bar, every restaurant, and every church knows about his love story with Laura Pausini, his friendship with Obama, and Brigitte Bardot; everybody even knows that he owns the entire land of Egypt.

Most of the Romans know these stories aren’t real, but nobody cares; everything just reflects perfectly his perception of reality, creating the perfect place for Luca where to find love and appreciation, outside of his family.