The Womb of Venus

The Womb of Venus
is a photographic portrait project by Ludovico Andrea D’Auria and Cristina Videl (MUA) in collaboration with !HTBX, a Techno Queer Community leader in the underground scene of London.
The shoot took place in a photo booth inside Grow Tottenham during one of the long !HTBX Sunday parties.

The Great unknowable blinks dow at you from a sea of blushing stars, lights and dreams, every day and night, from the solid form of consist- ence to the ethernal existance of emptiness.
The Bardo, that moment of transiction, the moment when the sun touches the horizon, and the darkness own the light and all it’s colours, the moment after the one beafore and the one beafore the moment after.
Oh newly born, sun of noble intenctions.
This is the trip to Venus, to meet unconditional love, so be ready to face and embrace all your fears.
The Venusians will give you everithing your soul need while the Venerians will take everithing you don’t need out of your soul ... give them all your anger away.
Don’t you worry, I’m going to guide you, from the beginning to the end, from the greatness of success to the dissolvence of your ego.
But you have to listen, see and feel. You have to be aware, to be awaken by the goddes in the dark cosmic womb.