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As London Fashion Week was coming to a close a different kind of show was taking place across town. Held at the V&A Museum of Childhood, the London Queer Fashion Show was a showcase of fashion, identity and expression. Giving visibility to new talent and helping to break down gender norms, the show was a joyful display of fashion that doesn’t exist in the binary of male and female forms.

Models of all identities from London’s queer community, including Rain Dove, Rude Boy Roy, and Santi Storm walked the show and photographer Andrea D’Auria was there to capture it all.

Conveying a sense of both transcendence and defiance, Andrea’s photographs present a community that celebrates freedom of being and freedom of expression. “Beauty is not an aesthetic convention and doesn’t need to be approved. Beauty is a feeling of self-fulfilment,” says Andrea. “In the world we are living in there is still a lot of homophobia, especially outside of the fashion and art industry and most definitely outside of big and cosmopolitan cities like London, Berlin and New York. So there is a fight to fight, and the way they are doing it is by coming together strong, creative but most importantly, careless and arrogant.”



Hip-hop has always been a genre born out of a mix of young boredom, political anguish and an artist yearning for their voice to be heard. Whether they were part of the genre’s roots on the opposing US coasts in the late ’70s, or the kids in South Korea making their own imprint on the scene today, the international language of rap has resonated with so many, both performers and fans.

Rarely given a shine on an international level, Italy’s hip-hop scene is a diverse breeding ground for colourfully-dressed dudes making commercial pop-rap, as well as a reel of artists making more serious stuff, who have their sights are set on a making a difference to the towns and cities they grew up in.


Alice Pagani

Beriln photographer/art director, Andrea D’Auria met his muse, actress Alice Pagani for their latest gorgeous series entitled ‘Calippo cola’.

Punk is not punk.
Art is not art.
Beauty is not beauty.
A fool is always a fool in the eyes of others.

Photographer: Andrea D’Auria
CinematographerManuel Marini
Model: Alice Tomasini
Stylist: Sara Schiavo
Assistant: Noemi Clarizio
Make-up Artist: Chiara Tipaldi


London Fashion Week

Backstage Reportages AW19 Womens and Mens


Something To Hate On
Ryan Lo


GQ Italy

“Macho-Fem” ci racconta le donne che gestiscono la scena underground romana ribellandosi allo stereotipo di genere

Il fotografo romano Andrea D’Auria, con il suo progetto ha l'intento di capire cosa significhi essere donna tra i club e festival undeground romani ...



Photographer Andrea D’auria transports us to the streets in this Schön! online editorial, while model Jkee unleashes his punk attitude. Lyla Cheng fashions a range of looks that play with checked patterns, chains and leather look garments pulled from brands & Other Stories, Valentino and Blood Brother.

photography. Andrea D’auria
fashion. Lyla Cheng
model. Jkee @ D1 models
grooming. Snowkei Lan



A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial.
Photography. Andrea D’Auria.
Model. Ryan Ying Wah Dalytse.
Styling. Mart
Make up. Elias Toni Hoffman.



Styled press shoot for Nova Tweens

photography. Andrea D’auria
fashion. Lyla Cheng
grooming. Snowkei Lan


Underground England


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