Life on Mars

a photonovel by Ludovico Andrea D’Auria

Life on Mars is an ongoing photographic project by Ludovico Andrea D'Auria since 2019, shot in London, Athens, Rome, and Tenerife.

The project focuses on the various relations between time and the human consumeristic civilization.
Highlighting present vices and past virtues of the man-kind, LAD presents a series of photographs and poems, that pictures a decadent planet on the way of extinction.

In "Life on Mars" creations of the capitalistic era crosses their short and miserable existences with the sumptuous immortality of ancient masterpieces, once created to endure and deliver messages and myths, long-buried in forgetfulness.
Those forgotten myths and legends now may play a vital role in the renewed struggle, that the human race is facing.
These photographs evolving around time, aim to put an eloquent question mark on the possible existence of a future for humans.

Life on the Martians territory is a trace that time leaves unconditionally.

What is ancient now once was new.

Constant dedication keep old things fresh! All things, even planets and civilizations.

Martians are lazy at first, and all that was new got old!
The few new things merged in an ocean of dust.
There is no time no more.
The future blurs away, and the present became the past.


The Martians are so selfish.
They have never taught a younger Martian how to grow old
a Future was sacrificed way behind their reach, and that's only to leave in a perpetual past.
Would an old martian ever get old if nothing new comes?
The Sun comes, and the Sun goes. the Sun comes and the sun goes.
But a martian eventually will die.

As the Sun gets colder and colder, Life jumps from a planet to the other.

How is that Martians want to go back to their old and cold planet?

They are not following Life no more. Life got too vicious and full of uncertainties!
Martians want to go back to what they know, even though they have left it long ago.

One day Life will jump right back where she came from and will never come out again. I can't miss a second of her lasts. At least we have been alive! What do you aim for?
There will be no new Sun.
There will be no new Life.
There will be no new Time. Again!
Everything will be Nothing again, and nothing else. All by itself.

But Nothing can't wait to be Everything again. And all that matter again!